4 Tips for leftover sparkling wine

4 Consejos para las sobras de espumoso

All of us, to a lesser or greater extent, are guilty of this: buying a few extra bottles, and drinking all night, leaving only one or the bottom of a bottle in the fridge... Sad. lonely. Without energy. And that saddens the sparkling wine. You don't want that, do you?

Sparkling should never go to waste and I'm pretty sure doing so is a crime in at least 10 countries. But if the unthinkable happens, here are 4 quick uses for your leftover bubbly.

1. Sangria!
Yes, we are the first to shout at the top of our lungs about "f*ck sangria, drink natural wibe", but... in the face of great ills, great remedies: those weak, sad little asses in the fridge... mix them with fruit (apple , orange, pear), and ice, and you'll see how it becomes an amazing colored fishta again!

2. Lifeguard ice
Let's be real: January is being eternal, and it still has to end. Let's plan: Fill your ice cube tray with a good bubbly and say "What hangover?" as you toss one into a glass of orange juice. Mimosas, here we go!

3. Vinaigrettes
One of the more general New Year's resolutions is to eat well, and the salad fits the bill, but sometimes they are plain and boring... Put the remains of the still sparkling wine in a bowl or pitcher, and add spices to your liking ( parsley, garlic, oregano,...) will become a vinaigrette of 10.

4. Treat yourself (another one)
The bottle is in perfect condition and unopened? Give yourself a tribute! Take the afternoon off the hassle, run a bath, and have a bubbly spa afternoonx2. Flat! (Also, they say that the sparkling is a very good skin toner...)

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