the music of wine

La música del vino

If there is something that we like almost as much as wine, it is music, and speaking of everything a bit the other day I realized that we still had not made the definitive music-wine list... Are you up for it?

Here you can find a small selection of songs that speak or mention this drink:

1. Your letters are a wine , Joan Manuel Serrat where he compares the letters of his beloved with the benefits of wine.

2. Bottle of Red Wine , by Eric Clapton. “Everywhere I looked, I saw you standing there g et up, get your man a bottle of red wine”

3. Blood red wine , by the Rolling Stones. “I got red blood, and I got blood red wine which I bring you,...”

4. Red red wine , from UB 40 although originally from Neil Diamond. A song that became very popular during the 80s and 90s, the song is a praise of wine and its generous ability to quickly (of course, again) forget the sorrows of love.


5. Here's to women , by the Rodríguez. Here's to the moment you and I met and to the hearts that have been broken along the way. Here's to the memory and also to oblivion. I toast because tonight a friend pays for the wine"

6. Sweet wine , Last in Line. "Wine sweet as our love, heal the sorrows of my heart. Profane wine like you and me, drown my conscience with your blessing. Is it me or is the pattern unanimous?

7. Long live wine and women , by Manolo Escobar. Very typical of town festivals, "With a glass of wine in hand, a guitar and a woman's affection..."

8. Red Wine , from Estopa. “I am like a red wine, if you drink it cold I cheat and with the years I get smarter, darling. Take me warm at your pace” finally one in which he is compared to wine:

9. I am a scoundrel, I am a gentleman , by Julio Iglesias. In this case, wine is not compared to anything or anyone, but it does continue with love as a theme, and it is a clear statement "I like women, I like wine, if I have to forget them, I drink and forget." , that I like wine and you know it (na-na-ra, ná).

10 . Wine, money and love by Elvis Presley singing in Spanish in "Fun in Acapulco" when in a Mexican cantina he begins to sing how much he likes wine but, continuing with what seems to be the main theme of wine songs, He says he prefers women...

BONUS TRACK. Love of Celtas Cortos wine. We have saved the good for last, and this is a true hymn to the love of wine. “One thing is wine and another thing is love. But if you put the two together, the love for wine is born.

Are you missing any? What song would you include?

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