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Meet the faces behind the wine

Our origins date back to 1958, the year in which the winery was purchased from an individual and the Borja Cooperative was founded. This is how the original Borsao brand was born. In 1981 the first bottles were marketed and in 1991 the first exports were made.

A few years later, the Pozuelo and Tabuenca cooperatives join Borja's, contributing their human resources and, most importantly, their vineyards. This union takes place in 2001, creating a new company called Bodegas Borsao SA

The 700 members of the cooperatives and the management team promoted the founding of the new winery: first setting the guidelines for the care of the vineyards, the harvest and reception of the grapes, to continue with a renovation of the winery's facilities. After a continuous process of professionalization, currently 375 winegrowers form Bodegas Borsao.

The technological capacity, the modernity of the facilities, the great potential of the vineyards and a meticulous sensitivity for a job well done make up the basic pillars of the winery, consolidating the Borsao brand as the maximum exponent in quality wines of our Denomination of Origin Borja field.

The wine

The Borsao Tinto Joven Selección is cherry red with violet hues. On the nose it presents ripe fruit with floral tones. Full-bodied, spicy wine with a complex and long aftertaste.


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Match your moment

A delicious traditional dish that pairs perfectly with this vinazo.

Rabbit with garlic


Rabbit cut into portions 450 g

Garlic cloves 5

Wheat flour 10 g

White wine 200 ml

200 ml beef broth

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Lemon juice of medium


We review the pieces of rabbit removing any remaining skin or fat, season them and pass them through flour. While we are doing this, we put five tablespoons of olive oil in a low saucepan and brown the five unpeeled garlic cloves in it.

As we flour each slice, we add it to the casserole. Don't worry if they don't all fit. As they brown, they will dwindle a bit and eventually everyone will be able to accommodate. We fry the slices well until they have a desirable color and are well done on the inside. It will take about twenty minutes to brown all of them, turning them continuously until they are as in the images.

At that moment, we cut a lemon in half and squeezed it by hand, distributing the juices over each slice. Add the glass of wine and the broth and turn up the heat so that the sauce begins to reduce.

Gripping the handles of the saucepan with both hands, -with care not to burn ourselves- we shake the saucepan and give it circular movements. This way, the sauce binds while the rest of the liquid evaporates. In two or three minutes, that sauce has impregnated the slices that are juicy and full of flavor. Sprinkle with a little parsley and put it on the table to eat it hot.

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