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Meet the faces behind the wine

This elegant wine is part of a family of spirits and wines founded in 2015, which is committed to the avant-garde, always taking care of the design, quality and value of each bottle it makes. They define themselves as timeless, iconic and are not afraid to defy the rules ... very drunk different, right?

The wine

A red wine from Valencia, Spain. Made with Monastrell, Tempranillo. Surprising, very balanced on the palate, with good acidity and velvety and tasty tannins. Despite being smooth, it is very aromatic and fresh, with lots of fruit and a persistent finish.


Wine Personality Test

We have launched the wine personality test at the winery, and they have answered us leaving this vinazo portrayed:

1. If wine were a famous / fictional character, what would it be? Why?

Zeus, Almighty in mythology and after drinking it.

2. What if it were an animal? Why?

Minotaur, Strength and vigor.

3. The reason for the label and the name

The signal is always a guide, it warns you, it informs you. Something to attend to.

4. Your match. What would be your perfect companion?

Braised cheek with vegetables.

5. Is it more beach or more mountain? Why?

From the forest, For the nights when it is cold or cool.


Now is the time to taste your wine!

Find here the tasting game for this vinazo


Match your moment

In today's recipe, we are looking at one of the most delicious pieces of veal, the cheek. Done well, it is an unparalleled delicacy, it practically melts in your mouth and in this stew with vegetables, it also has an incredible flavor.

This is a relatively simple dish, as its only difficulty lies in cooking the cheeks. Once you get the point of that, the rest is sewing and singing. You can even make them in other ways that you can think of, it is a very grateful meat.

Ingredients for 6 people

1.5 kg of veal cheeks
1 medium onion

4 cloves of garlic

3 small carrots
1 green bell pepper

8 tablespoons of fried tomato

12 medium mushrooms

150g canned peas, drained

Ground black pepper

Olive oil



We start by seasoning the cheeks and putting them in the pressure cooker to cook for 35 minutes. After that time, we turn off the pot, depressurize and remove the lid.

Chop the onion and garlic very well, and fry them in the casserole of the stew with olive oil covering the bottom and a pinch of salt. Then we cut the carrots into pieces and add them too.

When the onion begins to become transparent, we will add the green pepper cut into pieces and let everything cook over low heat. When the vegetables are well done and soft, add the tomato and stir well.

Next, we place the cheeks (drained) in the saucepan of the sauce and add 2 scoops of the broth in which we have cooked the cheeks. We can also cut them into pieces directly in the casserole so that they catch the flavor of the sauce.

We will cook the stew for 20 minutes over low heat and when there are 10 left, we will add the cleaned mushrooms and cut into pieces, and the drained canned peas.

After that time, we remove the stew from the heat and leave it with the covered casserole resting for 10 minutes. Then we can sit down at the table and delight our palate with this impressive stew of veal cheeks with vegetables.

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