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Meet the faces behind the wine

In Nulles we find a warm, temperate and typically Mediterranean climate. Located just 12 km from the sea, it combines excellent maturation due to a large number of hours of sunshine, with good acidity from the sea that results in wines with a very refreshing sensation.

From the beginning of the winery, we have mainly worked with the native white varieties of the area, Macabeo, Xarel lo and Moscatel, which give us excellent results. But also, for a long time, we have been working other varieties with great success, such as Parellada and Chardonnay in whites, and Tempranillo and Merlot in reds.

The roots, which feed on a very rich clay and lime soil but bathed by few rains, produce lower but highly concentrated grape yields, which gives us the distinctive intensity of our wines.


The wine

"Live, fresh and persistent like the Mediterranean"

Straw-colored with ivory hues and golden reflections, it denotes a Mediterranean character marked by the Macabeo. Young, happy and alive. Very fresh but with the body and structure of Xarel·lo. sweet and fresh, wide and Fruitós, green apple and lemon pear, citrus and Mediterranean herbs.


Now is the time to taste your wine!

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Match your moment

As the winery indicates, a good match would be a rich fried ripe banana, so here we show you how to make this delicious dish to accompany this vinazo:


2 ripe bananas

Oil for frying

Optional: queso fresco or quesillo if you cannot find queso fresco or quesillo you can use feta cheese if you want a salty cheese or grated cheese such as mozzarella or another that melts well.


Peel the plantains and cut them, the best way to cut them is to make diagonal cuts, not very thick, they can also be cut into long pieces but sometimes it is easier to cook them when they are not very big.

Heat the oil over medium heat in a skillet, add the bananas when the oil is hot.

Ripe bananas cook very quickly, it is important to turn them so that they do not burn, ideally they are golden brown on both sides.

Serve the bananas hot, if you are adding the feta cheese simply sprinkle it on top of the bananas and voila. If you are using grated cheese then add the grated cheese when they are done but still in the pan, removing it from the heat to avoid burning and let the cheese melt.

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