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Serrano ham with quince.

Serrano ham slices
Quince tacos
Slices of sliced bread


First, take a slice of bread, cut the crusts, and then split into three or four rows. Calculate the width of the slice and cut a small piece of quince to wrap over the slice. Put the piece of quince on the slice and wrap it with the bread, take the slice of ham and wrap the bread. Easy and delicious, don't you think?

Mackerel ceviche with grapefruit.

Quick, cheap and light starter for Christmas

This mackerel ceviche is a perfect dish for a very easy, cheap and healthy starter or appetizer that you can adapt to your tastes.

Mackerel fillets, 3 of 100-125 g each
Pink grapefruit, 1 cut into wedges
Grated orange peel, 1 tbsp.

Extra virgin olive oil, 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Coriander, to taste


1. Grapefruit marinade

We peel the grapefruit. To make it easier, we first remove the ends and then the side skin. The less white nerves we have, the more it will help us to remove the segments. Once we have peeled the grapefruit, we place ourselves on a deep plate and we cut the grapefruit segments with the knife. If the segments are very large, as in our case, we will cut each of the segments into several pieces. Next, with the help of a fork or some pastry rods, we remove the pieces of grapefruit so that the blow releases a large part of its juices. Add a tablespoon of olive oil, salt, orange zest and coriander to taste. We remove. If you like a slightly sweeter flavor, you can use less grapefruit and garnish it with lime juice. If you still like it sweeter, a great option is to add a teaspoon of soy sauce.

2.Cut the mackerel

If you don't have much time, our advice is to ask the fishmonger to clean the mackerels and remove the loins completely clean and ready to eat. Cleaning and cutting the meat of the fish can be a bit tedious if you are not used to treating this product or if you do not have very sharp knives.

Before preparing the fish at home, we freeze it to prevent anisakis. After the freezing time and facing the thawed fish, we cut into slices half a centimeter thick across the loin of the mackerel. A cut similar to thin slices of ham. We booked.


We place the mackerel pieces on a plate. We water with the grapefruit juice and mix well. Grate a little grapefruit skin. Before serving, let it rest for at least 2 hours in the fridge.

Mini ice cream chocolates with strawberry and yogurt.

12 strawberries and 2 sweetened yogurts


We start by pouring the yogurts into a bowl and beat them until they are really creamy. In an ice bucket, preferably in the shape of a hemisphere or heart to make the result more beautiful, fill the cubes with the yogurt to about three-quarters of its capacity. We put in the freezer for half an hour so that the cream begins to harden. Meanwhile, we clean the strawberries well, and cut them in half, so that they show their peculiar pattern that will contrast with the yogurt coating. We remove the ice bucket from the freezer and carefully place the half strawberries on each portion of yogurt, pressing on the strawberry until it is flush, but without it being covered with the yogurt. Once we have all of them in place, we cover the ice bucket with a plastic or kitchen wrap so that the strawberries do not burn in the freezer due to the action of the cold and we leave them for about twelve hours. We already have them ready for when we want to enjoy them.


The Wine: Touché wine.

It is a new wine, from a small local brand that has surprised us as well as fun; and we believe that the phrase on the bottle is ideal to close this 2020 !!

Touché Wine is smooth and delicate in its aroma, as well as firm and consistent in its flavor. His arrival is subtle, but his palate unforgettable.

A wine to enjoy, either alone or accompanied, and ideally at 10 ° C






The winery

Bodegas Vicente Gandia is a Valencian company that produces and markets wine founded in 1885. At that time, the commercialization of Vicente Gandia's wines, like 100% of those made in the Valencian Community, were destined for export in large quantities. barrels, specifically to European countries who, thanks to the Valencian Community, manage to bring greater vigor and degree to their wines. It is located in a family farm called Hoya de Cadenas, in the town of Utiel.

The fourth generation is responsible for the increase in the quality of the wines, the creation of new wine lines aimed at a younger audience, as well as the Arte en Barrica cultural project, made up of a collection of custom barrels by artists such as Carmen Calvo, Miquel Navarro or Javier Mariscal.

In 2018, she was awarded the "Aurum Europa Excellence Enogastronomic Award", a recognition that recognizes her as the "Best European Winery", recognizing her career and work within the world of oenology. This award was granted by the CEUCO (European Council of Enogastronomic Guilds), a European body that brings together the main guilds that are dedicated to the protection and dissemination of the gastronomy and oenology of their places of origin.



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