Duo Reds Monovarietal 2 bottles - Ganadero Tinto + Castillo


1.- Segovia

2.- Fruits. It is a red with marked fruit.

3.- Intense cherry red

4.- Monovarietal :)

5.- Size, in this case, does matter
6.- Depalillated. Did you get it right?
7.- Graduation was the intruder
8.- B, remove with a stick, hence the "batton ..."

9.- The ground. Although the movie was funny ...

10.- San Vicente is the patron saint of vine growers (viticulturists).

11.- From Greece! It is said that they made the glasses collide by spilling and drinking at the same time, and thus show that they were not poisoned,

12.- Water, heat and sunlight.

13.- Fruity. How did you do?

14.- In the process of making white wines, once the grapes have been pressed, the must obtained and before fermentation, it is necessary to separate the clearest and most transparent part of the must from the solid parts, in the red ones it is not.

15.- Must :)

16.- That is your luck…. Have you all found?

17.- Do you know this saying?

18.- With a spoon. Although we would love to see how you try at home #bebedistinto;)

19.- Aznar

20.- If the barrels were 225 liters corresponding to 50 gallons, this is 300 bottles of 750 milliliters. Taking into account 1 imperial gallon is 4.54609 liters, for each gallon there are 6 bottles, that is why wine is still sold in boxes of 6 or 13


1.- Viura / tempranillo / Godello / Garnacha tinta / Malvasía / Turruntés - All of them are grown in this area.

2.- It is a cherry-colored red, with a purplish edge.

3.-1500 km neither more nor less.

4.- True. There are more than 96 PDOs in Spain, but even so, Rioja is still the most consumed by a landslide.

5.- The alcohol content
6.- yolk / tear / lees / bunch / blotter, all of them synonymous :)

7.- Candy ..

8.- In the maceration :)
9.- Harvest. You guessed it

10.- No…
11.-Aftertaste… I wish I had seen how he did it, ..!
13.- Harvest, maceration, fermentation… there are many, have you agreed?
14.-A vine stock yields an average of 5 kilos of grapes. It assumes a production of about 4-5 bottles of wine

15.- Bottling
16.-Portugal (52.5%), Spain (29.5%), Italy (5.5%), Algeria (5.2%), Morocco (3.7%), France (1.1%)

17.- Yes! There are many, many sizes

18.-Virgina Wolf :)
19.-193 km, the winery is called milestii mici

20.- Chalice :)


Match your moment

The migas from La Mancha are ideal to accompany these vinazos from the Toledo area, its balanced acidity red fruits minerality magnify this dish.



500 gr of Spanish bread

250 ml of water

8 cloves of garlic

200 g of fresh chorizo

4 slices of fresh bacon

1 chorizo pepper

extra virgin olive oil





Cut the bread into cubes and place it in a bowl. Add a little salt to the water and pour over the bread. Wrap them in a white cloth, turning the cloth from time to time so that the moisture is better distributed. Let it sit for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Cut the bacon into small cubes and fry them in a pan with a little oil. When it is browned, add the chorizo cut into slices. Remove the stem and seeds from the chorizo, chop and add until toasted. Drain.

 Add a little clean oil to the pan, add the whole and peeled garlic cloves and brown them a little. Add the crumbs (moistened) and stir constantly with a spoon or shovel until they are loose and golden brown.

 Add the chorizo and the bacon. Mix everything well until the chorizo and bacon are heated through. Mash the chorizo pepper and add. Mix well and serve. Garnish with parsley.