1 Collaborate to order the following processes for winemaking - The correct order is: Harvest, Pressing, Destemming, Maceration and fermentation, Crushing, Bottling
2. What is a "late" harvest? - Very ripe grapes are harvested to increase the concentration of sugars, which are used to produce very sweet wines, such as Moscatel among others.
3. What color would you say the wine you are tasting is? - Rcherry eye with violet tones..
4. GUESS: "VARIETY" Got it right?
5. Does the map correspond? No.
6. Mimic: "Wine opens the way." Did you know him?
7. Who said the quote? - Virgina Woolf.
8. What year is the oldest bottle of wine in the world? - 325dc!
9. THE INTRUDER: the spoon ... but if you manage to do it, don't hesitate to share it with the world #bebedistinto;)
10. Did you know that there are vegan wines? - There are, but not all are. It depends on the production process.
11. Match - Are you in sync?
12. "Don't get it with cheese" - People used to try to mask bad wine with strong tastes, like cheese.
13. In which part of the mouth do you notice the aftertaste of this wine? - Have you been clear about it? This is more complicated ...XIII Lunas has more aftertaste.
15. What was the photo? - Maceration with lees. Do you know what they are?
16. Stop! - who was the fastest?
17. What is the most widely planted red grape in Spain? - Tempranillo, which is called Tinto Fino or Tinta del País in Ribera del Duero and Castilla y León, Cencibel in La Mancha or Ull de Llebre in Catalonia.
19. Approximately how many bottles of wine can come out of a vine vine? - 2-5
20. I am a rogue, I am a gentleman - Julio Iglesias - I like the viiiinoooo ...