Red + Light and Aromatic White - Friday + Escape


1.-Mature fruit
2.- Straw yellow, with golden reflections
3.- Muscat
5.-Mostly reds, and 15% between whites and rosés

7.- LIAS
8.-We leave that to you!
9.- Harvest
10.- Cultivate
11.-How did you do it?
12.- Pasta!
13.-Greece, they distributed the wine and spilled it to show that they were not poisoned
14-Are you compenetrated?
15.-Noah Gordon
16.-Between 6 and 20 :)
17.- Dante Alighieri
18.-Yes, but not all are, it depends on the process
19.-with the t, did you guess quickly??


1.- Segovia

2.- Fruits. It is a red with marked fruit.

3.- Intense cherry red

4.- Monovarietal :)

5.- Size, in this case, does matter
6.- Destemmed. Did you get it right?
7.- Graduation was the intruder
8.- B, remove with a stick, hence the “batton…”

9.- The ground. Although the movie was funny...

10.- Saint Vincent is the patron saint of vineyard growers (vine growers).

11.- From Greece! It is said that they clinked the glasses spilling and drinking at the same time, and thus demonstrate that they were not poisoned,

12.- Water, heat and sunlight.

13.- Fruity. How have you done it?

14.- In the process of making white wines, once the grapes are pressed, the must is obtained and before fermentation, it is necessary to separate the clearest and most transparent part of the must from the solid parts, in red wines it is not.

15.- Must :)

16.- That's up to your luck…. did you find them all?

17.- Do you know this saying?

18.- With a spoon. Although we would love to see how you try at home #bebedistinto ;)

19.- Aznar

20.- If the barrels were 225 liters, which correspond to 50 gallons, this is 300 bottles of 750 milliliters. Taking into account 1 imperial gallon is 4.54609 liters, for each gallon there are 6 bottles, that is why wine is still sold in boxes of 6 or 13


marry your moment

The Manchegan crumbs are ideal to accompany these great wines from the Toledo area, their balanced acidity, red fruits and minerality enhance this dish.


500 gr of Spanish bread

250 ml of water

8 garlic cloves

200 g of fresh sausages

4 slices of fresh bacon

1 chorizo ​​pepper

extra virgin olive oil




Cut the bread into cubes and place it in a bowl. Add a little salt to the water and pour over the bread. Wrap them in a white cloth, turning the cloth from time to time so that the moisture is better distributed. Let it rest for at least 2 hours in the fridge.

Cut the bacon into cubes and fry them in a pan with a little oil. When it browns, add the sliced ​​chorizo. Remove the stem and seeds from the chorizo ​​pepper, chop and add until toasted. Drain.

Add a little clean oil to the pan, add the whole and peeled garlic cloves and brown them a little. Add crumbs (moistened) and stir constantly with a spoon or spatula until loose and golden.

Add the chorizo ​​and bacon. Mix everything well until the chorizo ​​and bacon are heated through. Crush the chorizo ​​pepper and add. Mix well and serve. Garnish with parsley.