Red + White Monovarietals 2 bottles - Ganadero White + Caramels


1.-Harvest, Pressing, Destemming, Maceration and fermentation, Crushing and Bottling

2.- Fruity
3.- A. Maceration using the antioxidant lees themselves
4.- Maccabee :)
5.- The goddess Demeter of the Font de la Canya. Goddess of the Earth, she was the personification of the nourishing earth, of the earth as the basis of food and life
6. Squeezed
7.- It was the mythical king Osiris who planted the first vine in the city of Thyrsa
8.- A vine stock gives an average of 5 kilos of grapes. It supposes a production of about 4-5 bottles of wine
9.- It is the soil in which the vine grows, but the horror movie thing made sense…

11.- Chocolate
12.- a solid layer made up of skins, pulp and seeds that float on the must

13.-These holes are to let the air escape from the capsules that are fixed in the bottles by pressure. In the process, air accumulates in the upper part and deteriorates the encapsulation, which can negatively affect the wine.
14.- It is a straw white, with greenish reflections, very bright
15.- The green, the sides. It is a fresh wine, and as such we notice its acidity/freshness.
16.- The A, was to hide the poor quality of the wine, since it kills the taste.

18.- Blue: cava, Green: water, Orange: red, Gray: white, Yellow: liquor

19.- Lie, although they are very beautiful.
20.- Let's sing! Did you get it right?


1.- Segovia

2.- Fruits. It is a red with marked fruit.

3.- Intense cherry red

4.- Monovarietal :)

5.- Size, in this case, does matter
6.- Destemmed. Did you get it right?
7.- Graduation was the intruder
8.- B, remove with a stick, hence the “batton…”

9.- The ground. Although the movie was funny...

10.- Saint Vincent is the patron saint of vineyard growers (vine growers).

11.- From Greece! It is said that they clinked the glasses spilling and drinking at the same time, and thus demonstrate that they were not poisoned,

12.- Water, heat and sunlight.

13.- Fruity. How have you done it?

14.- In the process of making white wines, once the grapes are pressed, the must is obtained and before fermentation, it is necessary to separate the clearest and most transparent part of the must from the solid parts, in red wines it is not.

15.- Must :)

16.- That's up to your luck…. did you find them all?

17.- Do you know this saying?

18.- With a spoon. Although we would love to see how you try at home #bebedistinto ;)

19.- Aznar

20.- If the barrels were 225 liters, which correspond to 50 gallons, this is 300 bottles of 750 milliliters. Taking into account 1 imperial gallon is 4.54609 liters, for each gallon there are 6 bottles, that is why wine is still sold in boxes of 6 or 13